I have been unofficially, yet impactfully coaching and mentoring in some capacity for most of my life. I’ve provided guidance and support to many as they’ve made some of life’s most difficult decisions and transitions.

I honestly didn’t think of it as coaching or mentoring until a good friend asked me to be her life coach, an idea that never crossed my mind.  I loosely considered it as I laughed it off thinking, “how in the world can I coach someone when I still experience struggles in my own life?”

She kept asking, and others began asking too. Although I declined, it wasn’t long before people started referring to me as their personal life coach.

Again, I simply ignored the comments and requests until one day a friend challenged me to pray about becoming a life coach. How could I say no?

I prayed and the rest is history!

It was very clear that part of my purpose was to help others identify and live their purpose.

The idea took some getting used to as I had to come to terms with the fact that coaching others doesn’t mean that my life is perfect. It does mean that I have experienced what it’s like to live life not knowing what you are called to do.

I understand what it feels like to be unfulfilled even when everything around you is seemingly perfect; never satisfied by the success or accomplishments you’ve achieved and always reaching for that ‘thing’ that truly moves your heart. 

I genuinely understand when clients communicate how they’re struggling to identify their purpose and make changes because I’ve been through the process, that ‘search for significance’, and I now have the tools and insight to help others through the process as well. 

From a career coaching perspective, I’ve served as an employee career coach and mentor for some of the most prominent consulting firms while also helping others to identify their career track within their respective firms, connect with resources, network, and earn promotions.

I have been through the promotion process and understand what if feels like to be a little-big fish in a shark tank. I also fully comprehend the importance of maintaining your integrity while climbing the corporate ladder.

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