3-Part Impact Series on Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is a term that can be easily stated, but very complex to execute. It is even more challenging to set aside your feelings to truly understand that this is something that God commands you to do in accordance with the riches of HIS grace and faithful love for us all. But how do we effectively and truthfully move forward in real forgiveness? ....with LOVE

I am so thankful and super proud of myself that I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in Sharnikya Howard's "3-Part Impact Tele-series on Forgiveness"! It was an amazing experience filled with clear, meaningful, and God-centered processes to help me truly understand my role in forgiving others and even myself. That it truly begins with me. 

Sharnikya Howard's gentle spirit, infectious love for God, honest transparency, leadership, and preparedness (just to name a few), brought a level of comfortability that completely transformed the 45 minute tele-series into a virtual classroom that seemed to fly by!  

The lessons shared were hugely impactful and relatable to any situation, no matter how big, small, or old in nature. Forgiveness is not easy, but I know that it's very necessary in living my life abundantly! 

Thank you to Sharnikya Howard/Life Abundantly coaching for an excellent series that I happily look forward to sharing with friends and family. "


Purpose Driven Workshops/Group Coaching Sessions

"After attending the Life Abundantly group coaching session, I was inspired to focus on aspects of my life that I usually ignored due to fear and lack of accountability.  I realized I needed some extra support and decided to work with Sharnikya due to her honesty, kindness, and genuinely caring about others and wanting them to be spiritually grounded.  I would recommend Life Abundantly to others because it allows you to focus on you from the inside first while using God’s Word as the platform.  I look forward to growing spiritually, mentally, and professionally and I would encourage others to take the first step by finding out more about Life Abundantly!"


"Life Abundantly Group coaching session was a safe community to share ideas and become more aware of your actions and thoughts.  I learned to be accountable for my actions.  I was inspired by hearing other ladies stories about their journey and struggles with identifying and executing their purpose.  I would definitely recommend Life Abundantly to others who are ready to take that leap of faith and others who may be at a crossroads on their journey and they just need a little help identifying the next step."

~ K.W.

"The Life Abundantly Group coaching session helped me see some things that I didn't want to see. I needed to take ownership in the fact that some grief and things that I'm dealing with I'm allowing it to happen because I either can't let go or I’m afraid too. I hold on to things and people that I should just end it with."



The support of the other women, the honesty of the conversation, and the tools presented to the class helped me to gain support, perspective, and organize my thoughts. I left feeling empowered and energized knowing that I was on the right track and to continue moving forward spending time with God and listening for confirmation to uncovering my purpose.

~ A.D

Why would you recommend Life Abundantly to others?

"I believe that everyone needs help on truly focusing on their passion and purpose that God has designed specifically for us. I think that having someone else to help you and guide you who knows God and knows his plans and who he is helps tremendously. No one person can do it alone and having those solid people in your life who truly want the best for you and want to help you it makes all the difference in the world."

"I would recommend Life Abundantly Coaching to others because I find so many women put on a brave face everyday but feel lost and empty inside. I think that the group session is encouraging and supportive for women to know they are not alone and that everyone goes through a period of self discovery and identifying their purpose. Unfortunately, most people go through this period by themselves and don't reach for help or know that there are services like Life Abundantly Group coaching. I think LAG is the perfect service to provide that support for those who need a push to step out and move in that direction even if they haven’t figured out all the steps."

How were you inspired during the Life Abundantly Group Coaching session?

"During the session I heard God say that I need to focus. I needed to remove the unnecessary noise in my life and truly focus on what God has for me. I needed to dedicate time in his Word and draw closer to HIM so that he can speak to me the path HE has for my life. At the conclusion of the session, I knew I needed to fast from social media and television and dedicate that extra time with him. So immediately after the session I decidedI would start a 30 day fast and in order to prepare for that fast I begin to find resources and developed a plan for the 30 day fast. This included note books, vision board materials, a devotional bible and I started preparing myself to focus, knowing I would come out of the 30 day fast with renewed strength and confirmation of my next steps in all aspects of my life."