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"Heaven is nice, she should go there."

Last week my good friend was faced with the challenge of explaining to her 11-year old son that his great grandmother, “Honey”, whom helped raise him was growing more ill. She told him that Honey was in a lot of pain and Jesus would probably call her home to heaven soon. He responded, “Heaven is nice, she should go there.” That certainly wasn’t the way she expected the conversation to go; she anticipated having to comfort him. Instead, what he said has brought great comfort to her in this time of need.

For many, the holidays are difficult. We lost my grandmother, Queenie Esther (I say her name every chance I get) and my cousin Mikey a few years ago, just before Thanksgiving and there have been plenty of times that I’ve cried wishing they were still here. This year, I will take comfort in knowing that they are 'in heaven and it’s nice there.’

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, remember that it’s not about turkey and gifts. Remember those in need, without families, feeling lonely and abandoned. As you celebrate with your family, pray for those that have lost a loved one. Adopt a family if you can, host a community service drive of some sort, serve a meal, just do something to remind someone else that they are not alone. And after the holiday day season is over, don’t stop. Keep showing up, doing something as often as you can to remind someone else that God still sees, hears, and cares.

RIP Honey, Queenie Esther, and Mikey.



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