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First Quarter Ending...

We’re approaching the end of the first quarter of the year. Where do you stand? Before you answer that, stop and think about all that you’ve accomplished. I know, you’d rather think about what you said you would do and didn’t or all that lies ahead but please resist. No accomplishment is too small. Where did you make progress? What steps did you take to accomplish your goals? How much more time have you made for family? Where did you use your gifts to serve? What obstacles did you overcome? Have you matured in an area of your life? Did you make better decisions regarding your finances? And more importantly where did God show up? Think about it. Instead of lamenting over the work that still needs to be done, take a few moments to ‘Celebrate Your Wins’ if I may quote my sisters over at DIVAS, MPH.

Far too often we neglect the opportunity to be grateful for the little things and in most cases, it’s the small wins that propel us in the future. The smallest changes typically have the most lasting impact and drastically affect our families, networks, and perspectives. We want more and I get it but let’s recall Jonah’s ungrateful tendencies and where it got him. Instead of Jonah being grateful for God’s message, he was frustrated because he had his own plan and thoughts on how things should have progressed. God showed mercy over and over again as well as discipline/correction. Let’s not end up tossed in the sea or out in the beating sun because we’ve neglected to simply be grateful. (Jonah 4:5-11)

So today, take a few moments to celebrate. Be grateful for what God has shown you and the leaps you’ve made in the first quarter. Then, get back to work! Reassess the goals you’ve set, check your motives, and if you need a boost, check out Reset!