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3-Part Impact Series on Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is a term that can be easily stated, but very complex to execute. It is even more challenging to set aside your feelings to truly understand that this is something that God commands you to do in accordance with the riches of HIS grace and faithful love for us all. But how do we effectively and truthfully move forward in real forgiveness? ....with LOVE

I am so thankful and super proud of myself that I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in Sharnikya Howard's "3-Part Impact Tele-series on Forgiveness"! It was an amazing experience filled with clear, meaningful, and God-centered processes to help me truly understand my role in forgiving others and even myself. That it truly begins with me. 

Sharnikya Howard's gentle spirit, infectious love for God, honest transparency, leadership, and preparedness (just to name a few), brought a level of comfortability that completely transformed the 45 minute tele-series into a virtual classroom that seemed to fly by!  

The lessons shared were hugely impactful and relatable to any situation, no matter how big, small, or old in nature. Forgiveness is not easy, but I know that it's very necessary in living my life abundantly! 

Thank you to Sharnikya Howard/Life Abundantly coaching for an excellent series that I happily look forward to sharing with friends and family. " M.H.