Pathway to Purpose Program - One-on-One Coaching w/Sharnikya Howard


Pathway to Purpose Program - One-on-One Coaching w/Sharnikya Howard

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This program encompasses the core components of purpose identification and goes deeper to help you discover what is next for your life. As you take the time to ‘pause’ to hear from God, we will work to assess your gifts and values, find balance, and develop a path forward to a life of significance. During this time, I will help you to break self-defeatist patterns and focus so you can open yourself up to new opportunities.

This program is right for you if:
• You’ve been unable to make sound decisions
• You’re constantly second guessing your instincts
• You are having a difficult time managing your life, time, and competing priorities
• You’re unable to progress in certain aspects of your life due to fear
• You’re having difficulty identifying what you want to achieve in life and what you’re called to do
• You’re having trouble finding fulfillment even when things are seemingly going well
• You’re having trouble releasing control so that God can move in your life


Initial 1hour session
(6) 30min sessions
(4) 60min)
(11 Sessions Total)