For some time now acquaintances and friends have asked me to be their life coaches and I simply laughed off the request. I mean...yes I'm a good listener, sure, I've helped people solve problems, but coach someone professionally? Me? It wasn’t until a good friend challenged me to pray about what God wants of me. Full transparency: I knew that I needed to pray about it but at the time I just wasn’t quite ready to hear the answer. Been there? Come on, admit it…So you’ve never been in a situation where you knew what God wanted but you weren’t quite ready to hear it or do the work required? If not, bless your heart.

I didn't think I was ready and if I'm being honest I was more than a little scared of what that responsibility would mean for my life. A part of me thought it meant that I’d have to miraculously become perfect. And seriously, would I now have to give up trap (yes, trap) music and only listen to gospel? Did this mean that Lecrea would all of a sudden become my new favorite rapper, totally dismissing the years of die-hard fandomship (yes, I made up a word) I’ve given to Jay-Z? No more pencil skirts? You know the ones – they make you stand to the side in the mirror and think, “I look good, I ain’t lost it!” (Yoncé voice). While these are the more trivial thoughts, there were serious reservations about embarking on this journey and I have to admit that I ran from it for quite some time.

So, I prayed about the idea of becoming a life coach, but not just a life coach, moreso a purpose coach that helps women identify and live their God given purpose. I’d be lying if I said I immediately embraced the notion of leading others; of being responsible for helping them develop and define their paths but as I opened myself to God's plans, there was no way I could deny what I knew to be true. I knew it was time and I knew that I had to start doing the work to ensure that what I shared with others was in line with God’s will.

Honestly, from that point on I’ve been operating in my ‘sweet spot.’ If you've never heard of this term, it's that 'feel good' space where your passion, purpose, and gifts align. It’s where you lose track of time, where you are fulfilled, and reach that serotonin popping goodness and you just don’t want to let go! My sweet spot has always been helping others, which encompasses serving in multiple capacities. Coaching is truly an extension of serving for me and it gives me great joy to help others identify and live their purpose.