...and more importantly whose you are.

I recently had a very candid conversation with a good friend. She was supposed to attend a major networking event specifically for women and decided not to go because she was intimidated by the women she believed would be in attendance. She shared that she follows the hosts of the event on Instagram and was discouraged for a number of reasons, but mainly because she didn’t feel like she was ready to network amongst them.

I was under the hair dryer (yes, again) and slumped down at the time as I was trying to run from the heat. So I peeked my head out, sat up straight and proceeded to challenge my dear friend on her ‘mistaken thinking’.  “Intimidated? Have you forgotten who you are and more importantly whose you are?” I didn’t even give her a chance to answer the questions because clearly she had forgotten so I proceeded to remind this amazing woman of all that she is, the goals she’s set for herself, and our commitment to accountability.

My friend is smart, confident, beautiful, and operating in her purpose but she is human and this is what can happen when we lose focus, even momentarily. We’re all guilty of this in one regard or another. We count ourselves out, compare ourselves to others, and lose sight of our goals and God’s promises.  But think about it, how does God get the glory from that? We’re basically saying “Ok God, I know you’re mighty and all but I only trust you in spaces where I’m comfortable.”

Our self-defeatist behaviors, typically prompted by a lack of focus, are often our biggest obstacles. I conducted an exercise recently with a group of women that attended my purpose coaching session where they had to list their internal and external roadblocks. They were stumped because they couldn’t identify any roadblocks that were truly external, meaning out of their control. This is because the majority of what is holding us back is within our control. We have the power to overcome the obstacles we just have to rely on God to activate it.  

We have to be willing to get out of our own way, to be stretched, to grow, and to step out of our comfort zones- sometimes the biggest blessings are waiting for us there!

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