On Saturday, I received a text from my dear friend with some really exciting news. Actually, what she sent was a picture with details of a major accomplishment. I saw the picture and immediately started crying. It wasn’t that I was surprised by what I was seeing; I’ve been connected to her journey, fully aware of the hard work she had put in, the prayers, the accountability etc., Here’s what got me teary eyed…

Last year, this friend took some time out to write her goals. But she didn’t just write them, she prayed about them and remained committed and accountable. One of her goals was to leave her full time job to pursue her passion in real estate, and she did that. I have to make this clear though: late last spring (2015), this friend was having reservations about whether or not she should leave her job and some folks around her were telling her to just pursue her passion on the side but she decided to trust God and completely walked away from that job in August of 2015. So as I looked at the picture, I couldn’t hold back the tears because God’s work was in front of me. My friend sought God for direction, was obedient with her finances, and what she believed God would help with was manifesting.

One of the goals she wrote and committed to last year was to become a top selling realtor with her company. Well the numbers are in and on Saturday I saw that God went beyond, beyond – totally exceeding expectations. Honestly, I think God may have chuckled a little at the goal she set for herself and decided to ‘flex’ (For those needing a little help, per the urban dictionary, flex is a phrase used by an individual to state their dominance over another).  So naturally, the tears flowed heavily. Remember the Halle Berry cry at the Oscars? Yes, that type of cry. After I got myself together (or so I thought), I called my dear friend. As soon as she answered, we both started screaming and alas, the tears started flowing again. And in between more screams and cries I let her know just how proud I am of her and as I extended heartfelt congratulations I was reminded of something Pastor John K. Jenkins said a few years ago at a revival, “Don’t get mad when God blesses your neighbor, it means He’s in the neighborhood!” I said to her “Girl, He’s in the neighborhood!” and then the tears flowed, again.

Congratulations to my dear friend Arnita Greene, my September 2015 Purpose Driven Woman. Click here to connect with Arnita.