While looking for an email regarding my schedule for this week's Society for Financial Education & Professional Development (SFE&PD) conference, I came across this #rejectionemail from last year when I was hoping to simply promote my business in their conference materials. The conference is heavily attended by school officials, financial guru's, researchers, etc. As I reflect now, I have no idea why I thought my ad, which was all about God and purpose (my lane) and made no mention of financial literacy, would have fit anyway! 
Fast forward to May 2016 - I get a call from Mr. Theodore Daniels, the Founder and President of SFE&PD (a man I truly admire) asking if I would be interested in speaking at the conference, specifically for a workshop catered to women as they manage life’s transitions. Fully aware of my purpose-coaching lane, he expressed such confidence in me and asked that I think about it and let him know…
Well here I am today, in a hotel room in Atlanta, preparing, feeling so grateful, and in awe of God for who He is. I can't wait to serve as one of the speakers for the Life Transitions for Women workshop where I'll share tips on how we bounce back from financial adversity with our purpose in mind, being responsibly aware that our ability to be good stewards of all that God has given to us (time, family, finances, etc.) is tied to our ability to walk boldly in our purpose.
Moral of the story? Sometimes what you want aligns with what God has for you; Other times, He has greater.