I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this whole superwoman thing…are we really called to be superwoman? Is it a title we’ve taken on that wasn’t meant for us? I believe God is calling us to be the most amazing women we can be, using our gifts to serve and inspire our families and communities but a cape isn’t needed for that. Far too often, we burn ourselves out, trying to be superwoman (although I do like Alicia Keys’ song), not getting the rest we need or properly taking care of ourselves.

“I have to do it all, they need me and if I don’t do it, who will?”

It’s true; we are needed, but that’s precisely why we have to make time to rest and allow Christ to rejuvenate us. We are human and our resources are indeed limited.

I was reading about Dorcas AKA Tabitha in Acts 9:36-43.  Obviously she was used for God’s glory – her testimony is astounding – and there are many lessons to learn from her life of service. Is burnout one of them? As much as I admire her, I wonder if she was burned out. Did she not get proper rest? We know that she served the widows, made dresses, and gave of herself to help others until she fell ill but did she take care of herself? When she sensed herself getting ill, did she stop to rest? We also read that Dorcas died, Peter spoke life over her, and she began breathing again. I wonder if this was God’s way of saying, rest woman or I will rest you.

As modern day women, we’re doing it all: raising families, running several businesses, leading, teaching, and serving. But is burn out a part of God’s plan for us? No! ‘He grants rest to those He loves’ and we should take it! Taking time to rest isn’t self-seeking, it’s biblical. Check out Psalm 127:2.

When serving, leading, helping, sharing, caring for others etc., changes your heart in a negative way, you’re likely burned out or on the cusp and need to take a break. Don’t keep working until you collapse or resent those you are serving. Take some time off to recharge and allow God to fill you up.

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