We all have dreams but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be featured in a StyleWatch magazine ad, highlighting the work I feel blessed to do in the community. 

The October print edition of StyleWatch was released to newsstands and media outlets on Friday (9/16/16) and the ad was shared worldwide via social media. I was in Atlanta when I was tagged in the photo on the StyleWatch Instagram page. I don’t think I can adequately describe the feeling; it wasn’t a sense of shock because I knew the release date but it was most definitely surreal. It all started a couple of months ago when I received an email from one of the project managers of StyleWatch advising that I'd been chosen as one of two women to be featured in the European Wax Center’s Strut Strong Campaign highlighting women who are doing work in the community to inspire women. They flew me out to New York for the photo shoot and we were advised then that the ad would be released in the October edition, so I knew it was coming. But it ‘got real’ that morning and as I reflected on God’s grace I was overcome with emotion and deep gratitude.

As I shared, this wasn’t something I envisioned and maybe that’s because life has a way of bounding our dreams based on what we’ve seen and heard. We limit ourselves and contain our thoughts of what could be but God is limitless, uncontainable, and He’s more than capable of doing the unthinkable in our lives. “But as it is written: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

P.S.You'll never know where your purpose will lead you if you aren't willing to invest time in finding it.

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