The last few weeks have been full...not in an overwhelming way but in a way that makes me feel good about being exactly where God needs me and grateful for these opportunities to bloom where I've been planted.

I've been able to serve women over the past few weeks who are navigating difficult times of transition. Some are waiting on a miracle and if you're in the same boat, here's a reminder that every day you wake up is a miracle so while you wait on "that miracle" don't discount the miracles being shared daily.

Others are feeling abandoned and lost, like God is silent and forgotten them as they seek direction, purpose, and opportunities to use their gifts. Here's a reminder that your gift is cultivated through practice, your calling is cultivated through prayer.

And a few are discouraged by broken relationships and wondering how to begin the journey of repair. Here's a reminder that "meeting people where they are" isn't as helpful as "meeting them with grace".