This month’s Purpose Driven Woman is Sharon May. She is a wife and wonderful woman of God who is actively pursuing her purpose, which is to empower women through fashion, while wrestling with a full-time job that has become unfulfilling.
What was the path that lead to your purpose?
I’ve always had a love for fashion but never pursued it. It wasn’t until I completed a fast with my church in December 2015 that I made up in my mind to pursue my passion! So, by day I am a social worker but I am aspiring to become a full-time stylist. I have finally realized at the age of 35 that I will empower others through fashion.
How difficult is it to spend time at work doing what pays the bills when other opportunities to use your gifts are waiting for you?
It is very difficult because my work as social worker is very demanding. It’s very easy to bring additional work home at the end of a day but I’ve learned to say NO and better manage my time in order to balance my job and my passion for styling.
How do you make peace with the decision to hold on a little longer (to your fulltime job) for now?
To be honest, I don’t have peace with my decision at this time to continue working a full time job. I’m not satisfied or fulfilled. I am unhappy but choose to keep the “security” of a job. This is something I’m struggling with and I’m sure other women can relate. But I continue to pray and ask God for the right time to release me full time in my passion. In the mean time I will continue to develop, learn, and educate myself on a career in styling.
Why do you think it’s so important to trust God through this process?
It’s so important as a believer to trust God through this process because I know God knows better than anyone the plans for my life. God’s word says “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) So if God knows the plan He already knows the process it’s going to take for me to get there- my job now is to fast, pray and seek God to make the right decisions.
You styled models at a recent Oscar de la Renta fashion show, an opportunity that many stylist wait their whole careers for, and you’ve done this within just a few months of styling. How did that feel?
It felt amazing and at the same time a humbling experience. I am grateful for everything God has allowed me to do this year. I have to say I am just as grateful to assist a celebrity stylist for an Oscar De La Renta fashion show as I am to have been one of the lead stylists for a young inner city step team’s fashion show. I understand the importance of opportunity, it’s not always available or given to us- so seize every opportunity you have!
What has surprised you the most about this journey?
I have been surprised the most by the response and feedback I have been receiving from people. “l’m loving the looks you post, you inspired me to be more fashionable and wow thank you for stepping out and pursing your passion.” Again that means a lot and it gives me the motivation to keep going.
A lot of times, we pray for God to do things in our lives but how important is it for us to do our part, the work necessary to support what we’re asking for? What work was necessary for you when you prayed about becoming a stylist?
Prayer is key; however, God’s word says in James 2:14-26, “Faith without works is dead.” So we can pray all day but you have to be willing to take action. For me, it started with stepping out and doing an interview for my local news station then posting looks on Facebook and other social media outlets. People saw my work and then the opportunities started to come.
What does your daily relationship with God look like?
My daily relationship with God starts with prayer and asking Him how I fit into His will, how I can be used by Him, and how can I help others. Throughout the day, I listen and yield to Him. It is so important to start out with Him so He can establish order and direction for your day. It also helps when things are not so great or you have a negative experience.
What are you believing God for in this season of your life?
I am believing that God will allow me to pursue my passion as a stylist full time and that He will take care of me financially without worries. I believe He wants me to be happy and have joy in what I do. I believe He wants me to change lives by building people up and helping them to propel. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the difference you make in the lives of others.
What have you learned about yourself?
I’ve learned that I have a lot to offer others and our gifts, time, and talents shouldn’t be wasted. If we take the time and think about the interest we have and how we can better others, we can do marvelous works. I have a lot to offer and it due time my gifts will make room for me.

Can you share a scripture that is feeding your spirit right now and why?
Philip 4:13 “ I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen me.” In this season of my life I need strength and the only strength that I can depend on is the strength of Jesus Christ working through me. Believe me, I have days where I’m tired and I want to give up. But that’s not an option. When I say this scripture out loud something rises up in me and I am able to keep going each day and stay encouraged.

What advice would you give to other women?
Remember to pursue your purpose and be consistent in your work even if you don’t see any changes eventually something will give and another tip is to manage your time well.
Have a vision for your time and start by planning your day, week or month out. God’s word says in proverb 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. 
Remain encouraged and remember where your strength comes from.

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