In celebration of one year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes from those that have been featured thus far. A huge thank you to these phenomenal women!

Nyitre Rodgers (August 2015)
What have you sacrificed?
Nyitre: I sacrificed literally everything. Financial stability, my health…shoot! I don’t even have healthcare right now (LOL)! I sacrificed my relationship with my now fiancé - we broke up when things got rough but God brought that back. I left my family and very close friends. I walked away from my home and everything and anything that was nailed to the ground, that I had built up, I left. But now in retrospect, I didn’t leave anything. Nothing is gone. It’s just on pause. It’s still attainable, it’s still in reach. It’s still all mine!
Arnita Green (September 2015)
What have you learned about yourself?
Arnita: I learned that I’m strong. I’ve learned how to be a better steward of my finances. I learned the importance of stepping out on faith. I learned that God is able and capable…[She pauses for a moment and then speaks, voice quivering slightly and tears beginning to form] When things are going well for you, sometimes you question whether or not you’re deserving and you start waiting for whatever can go wrong. I learned to just be happy. It’s okay to be happy.
Tokeitha Wilson (October 2015)
When did it get so tough that you wanted to give up?
Tokeitha: Although I saw myself [in my dreams] on different platforms speaking and sharing, it was easier to believe the negative things from the past. And it was very difficult once the attacks got stronger at every level - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially, which tends to happen the more boldly you walk in your purpose. But my purpose covered me. Your purpose has insulation, it covers you.
Neda Brown (November 2015)
What advice would you give to other women in regard to purpose, life, career, etc.?
Neda: My advice would be to first prepare - research, study, align yourself with goal oriented people, get in position, and practice. Whatever it is you’re pursuing you have to know the ins and outs of it and you have to create opportunities to practice whatever it is. Your preparation puts you in position. And then step out on faith. I think people often get paralyzed with fear because they of course don’t want to fail.  I believe if you’re prepared though then you cannot fail. Obstacles might come or things may not develop the way you’ve envisioned but with preparation you’re equipped to tackle those challenges. 
Stephanie Moore (December 2015)
What advice would you give to other women, moms, mentors, mentees? 
Stephanie: In all your busy-ness (if that is a word) ask God for strength. Pray for good health and a purposeful life. If you are currently not where you wish to be in your respective careers, use this time to build your acumen in preparation for moving forward. Remember it is okay to seek a mentor for guidance and support in both your professional and personal goals. Whatever status you hold at present (single, married, divorced) be confident in that status. Find what makes you happy and thrive upon that happiness. In the end, when you’ve found success, always turn back and ask yourself who you can help.
Nicole Alexis (February 2016)
How does your faith play a role?
Nicole: If I didn't have faith, I would probably be in a psych ward right now [she laughs]. You have to keep God at the forefront because it’s so easy to allow all the feelings of negativity to take over. So I commit the start of my day to God so that even if my day is extremely busy, I’ve started with God. If I don’t make time for anything else, I’ve made that time for Him.
Portia Williams (March 2016)
What role does God play?
Portia: God is at the center of it all. [She pauses.] He’s at the beginning, middle, and end of it all. This work was assigned. This is my assignment so when it gets rough and I don’t want to go to another community center to hear of another child being murdered I look to God for strength. In those moments when I feel overwhelmed, God provides peace. Spending quiet moments with God is how I keep going. He is so amazing because He has a way of showing us that He’s got it. Every time we think we’re three steps back, He pushes us ten steps forward. Every time I try to put Him in a box, He turns it around and does more than I could ever imagine. It is confirmed every day that God is at the center of all of this. There is no way I would be able to be a mother, teach full-time, run three businesses, and deal with everything else without God. I would not be able to do it alone. [She laughs.] I wouldn’t even try to do it alone.
Leslie M. Michelle (April 2016)
What advice would you give to others?
Leslie: Wow, really simple! Do what God tells us to do! For whatever area He has shown you to operate in, do it! Believe in the word God gave you and go! Get it done. Stay in Gods will, plan for your life. It will pay off! I am so sure of it. Break away from all connections that will taint your witness and ability to fully rely and operate in Him. Be rooted in God’s word, not man’s! Give man no power (respect man), but only give power to God. Pray, fast, believe, work, move, and smile.
Liz Roy (May 2016)
What has surprised you the most about this journey?
Liz: The most unnerving realization I’ve come to is that it’s easy to talk about modesty and even dress modestly with an immodest heart. Taming pride and immodesty in my heart is a constant struggle as a fashion blogger because I am my brand. Growing my blog with a humble heart can be difficult at times. So I pray often for God to guide my steps and be at the center of my blogging efforts lest it become all about me, me, me.
Min. Deborah Chambers (June 2016)
We hear the word ‘balance’ thrown around a lot, what does it mean to you?
Min. Chambers: To balance means to distribute weight evenly. To me it just means a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I think the problem with this over used word “balance” is that we don’t also stress that each of us have to uniquely define what balance feels like for each of us as individuals. For me I find balance in doing what makes me feel even and that means learning to say no to some things even some good things so that I feel even. It also means paying attention to the warning signs. When life begins to weigh me down I recognize the weight is not evenly distributed and I throw some things overboard so I can feel even again – so I won’t make the meeting, I won’t clean the house, I won’t cook dinner, I will make the luncheon, I will go out for dinner, I will buy the shoes (and the dress). It means I color outside of the lines but stay within my value lines until I feel even or balanced.
Safiya Jafari Simmons (July 2016)
What does your daily relationship with God look like?
Safiya: I’m always talking to God. Literally. I talk to Him in traffic. I talk about Him with my kids. My husband and I hold Him to His word and promises about our family and future and finances daily. One of the most freeing moments of my life was when I realized that my relationship with God didn’t have to look like everyone else’s. I remember a point in my life being jealous and even worried when I’d hear friends say that they prayed in closets everyday or journaled everyday. Now I’m not knocking that – I’ve had those.