This little girls is growing so fast! It’s amazing to watch although at times I wish she’d slow down. She talking and repeating everything I say (which she finds quite comical). She loves to imitate others, pretends to put on lipstick, cooks in her little kitchen, and roars like a lion when she’s see a dog (we’re working on the bark lol).  She’s learning her numbers and colors too, right now her favorite color to belt out is blue.

We’re still hanging in there with swimming lessons. She started at six months and now at 20 months she’s really comfortable in the water, loves to jump in (with assistance), and thinks it funny to splash mommy!

Oh! She has an affinity for dresses (she got this quite honestly) and this little girl loves to dance! She started ballet lessons a few months ago and really caught on, nailing her pleas, tendus, and releves. She can really move and shake it! Speaking of which, we had a ball at Mickey and Minnie’s Move it shake it dance party a couple of months ago! It’s a must, more on that here.

See below for a few of my new favorite things!

I love this stroller because it’s great for flights and folds nicely and fits neatly in the overhead compartment. It also fits under easily under restaurant tables if you don’t want to leave your stroller with the host.

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat, Shadow 2019
Magna Aftermarket of America Inc- CLEK

When it was time for Queenie to transition to a convertible stroller, I did a lot a research and fell in love with the Clek Foonf.

Sigh, I never thought I’d be one of those parents with a kid on a harness but this has been a life saver. Queenie likes to roam freely and this way she can do so safely!