When it's time to go...

A few weeks ago I co-chaired and moderated The Girls In Technology – Sharing Our Success, Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) panel for middle and high school aged girls in the DC - Metro area. The event was sponsored by Amazon and also featured local organizations/exhibitors with a footprint in STEM. It was a great night and I’m still pinching myself at the opportunity to lead the effort. The diverse panel included notable women in STEM who have demonstrated a commitment to giving back to the industry by serving young women. There were many nuggets but a few of my favorites are below:


1.       “When it’s time to go be ready!” Donna Odlham, Manager, Community Engagement – Americas for Amazon Web Services

2.       “When you’re jealous of others you are subconsciously saying ‘I am not enough.’’’ R. Nicole Sharp, Partner, Griffin Consulting

3.       “My days and weeks are always different, but there is always a “me” day where I take the time to focus on myself. Fig O’Reilly, NASA DATANAUT


THE NET: Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Don’t be jealous, be grateful. AND If a NASA DATANAUT can make time for herself so can you!




Oh and Little Miss Queenie is always ready! More on that here.



Black Maternal Health Week!

I walked out of a meeting on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 to find that I had three missed calls, all from 252. I knew something was wrong. My best friend Trevoya, whom had just given birth a week or so prior was now battling for her life. The typical 4.5 hour drive took me three hours and as I rushed in to Pitt Memorial Hospital, I just knew God would keep her...And He did but not in the way I'd imagined. Trevoya Star Wallace died on June 17, 2008, leaving her son Tristan behind. Her death left a mark on me that resulted in grief, resentment, fear and very little desire to ever give birth. I've always loved children but I cringed every time women spoke of labor/delivery.
9 years later, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Queenie. 

I thought of Trevoya and Tristan often and pondered on God’s plan for me and my little one. I prayed a lot, and left it in God’s hands. From there, I found an amazing obstetrician who not only made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, but also welcomed all of my thoughts and questions. She checked on me in-between visits and helped to subside an anxiety that had festered for years.

I’m sharing this because Black Maternal Health Matters; and it’s important that we know that our concerns and questions are valid; and our futures are valuable. #blackmaternalhealth



Bloom where you've been planted.

The last few weeks have been full...not in an overwhelming way but in a way that makes me feel good about being exactly where God needs me and grateful for these opportunities to bloom where I've been planted.

I've been able to serve women over the past few weeks who are navigating difficult times of transition. Some are waiting on a miracle and if you're in the same boat, here's a reminder that every day you wake up is a miracle so while you wait on "that miracle" don't discount the miracles being shared daily.

Others are feeling abandoned and lost, like God is silent and forgotten them as they seek direction, purpose, and opportunities to use their gifts. Here's a reminder that your gift is cultivated through practice, your calling is cultivated through prayer.

And a few are discouraged by broken relationships and wondering how to begin the journey of repair. Here's a reminder that "meeting people where they are" isn't as helpful as "meeting them with grace".