Are we talking teams?  In that case, Team- Women Who Support Other Women

A few week’s ago, a friend hosted a ladies game night for her birthday. I knew in advance that I wouldn’t know the majority of the women there because she and I don’t have many mutual friends. That didn’t matter to me at all though because I enjoy meeting new people. I walked in and was warmly greeted by a group of unfamiliar faces. We joined teams (Taboo is brutal), formed alliances (LRC is no laughing matter), held side conversations with new acquaintances, and shared hugs and warm goodbye’s as we departed. I’m not mentioning this because I’m surprised as I do believe this [women embracing women] is the norm for most female settings. However, there was a time when #youcantsitwithus was all the rave (for some) and women who more easily welcomed other women were one offs, so as I share below, it’s just awesome to see the way we interact and support one another as a whole.  

Earlier this month I was invited by my friend Catherine to join her and a few other women whom recently started businesses, for dinner. We met prior to dinner to support Erica’s Conflicted Pixie pop-up shop and over dinner we discussed ideas, strategies, shared business insights, etc. but the most impactful parts of the conversation had nothing to do with business. The way that we just naturally supported one another as we shared some of the struggles we each face as women is what I valued the most. We were less than an hour in and I could already see that our diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences would bless one another. Zsofi, for example, is clearly an encourager – before the end of the night she had me feeling like I could conquer the world. And as the Purpose Coach of the group, I was asked poignant questions about our purposes which have since led to the development of a new workshop that will be featured in the spring; so a huge thank you to the amazing bosses- Catherine, Shelley, Alice, Zsofi, Coonoor, and Tanya for the inspiration. As the evening closed, it was like pulling teeth to get us to say good-night. I’m pretty sure Tanya [whom had to leave early] said good-bye twenty times before she actually moved, none of us wanted to leave.

I was recently connected to another amazing woman whom I can already tell is meant to be half Barnabas, half Paul to me. She is the quintessence of sisterhood and in a short amount of time has poured into me tremendously; reminding me of God’s promises and offering to help me impact more women on a larger scale, on a platform I never imagined. And I was referred to her by another remarkable woman who saw something in me! NOTE: You never know who’s watching.

I believe that there is an inherent bond between women that some choose to ignore or fight for a myriad of reasons.  On Sunday, during the second session of my 3-Part Impact Series on Forgiveness, I shared that sometimes these self-fulfilling prophecies/vows like ‘I don’t trust other women” stem from old wounds that haven’t healed like being bullied, rejected by peers, or abandonment. However, when we move past these things and begin to support each other, embrace our differences, and celebrate each other’s wins, we realize how much we truly can learn from one another and that as a team we are unstoppable.

 “There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.” Mary Montagu

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