The world is changing and the ability to not only recognize but also appreciate our differences is becoming increasingly more important.  We simply are not all the same. We don't have the same values, morals, or beliefs but we are one and as Christians we must remember that God is love.  Every day presents a new opportunity to share the love of Christ and lead more people (regardless of their race, religious beliefs, or moral compass) to HIM through our words, actions, deeds, etc. We either do that well or we don't.

I few years ago, while on vacation in Morocco, I met one of the most endearing souls I've ever encountered. He was small in stature but big in heart.  He spoke several languages, wore a fez and djellaba, and followed the teachings of Islam.

I met him while visiting the 'blue city' and although I don't remember his name, I do remember how I felt while walking through the beautiful city with him.

Yes, our beliefs differed but that didn't keep him from holding the umbrella over my head as I walked through the rainy cobbled lanes of Chefchauoen, or from grabbing my hand as some of the locals followed us, "not to worry habibiti they want to know if you are Michelle Obama" he said, and it certainly didn't keep me from embracing him with gratitude as I left Chefchauoen and headed to Tetuan.

Many of the images on my website are from my personal collection of photos taken while visiting Chefchauoen, Morocco. It is a place I will never forget. It's where I was reminded time and time again that God is love and there is a certain level of love and respect we should have for other human beings because we are one.

"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race." #onelove