"We're not called to a busyness that drains us; we're called to an abundance that trains us." - Susie Larson


I was chatting with one of my mentors yesterday about a potential opportunity for a group of students (I typically run my thoughts by her). I was looking for a few points of contact to get the ball rolling and knew she’d point me in the right direction. No surprise, she had great suggestions for who to contact, where to look, etc. and as we were wrapping up she said, “I look forward to seeing this come to fruition.”

My response? “Yikes! I’m just helping to make the connection, I can’t take on another project right now.”

Surprised? Don’t be. I learned very early on that taking on everything is absolutely NOT God’s will for my life. And it’s likely not HIS will for yours either.  It doesn't mean that I don't sometimes over-commit myself but it certainly happens a lot less.

Here's what I've learned - It’s okay to support from the sidelines, make connections as needed, and keep it moving.

Here are few questions to ask yourself before making a commitment:

1. Does this align with my goals and priorities? Ok, this doesn't have to mean life goals but ask yourself "does this align with the goals and priorities for this season of my life?"

2. Do you truly have the time to commit fully?

3. Saying yes to this means saying no to what?

The world can pull us in a million directions if we let it. Don't play tug of war, be selective.