Last night I invited Tokeitha Wilson of Empowerment Station, author of 'Too Precious to Be' to speak with the group of women I'm currently serving via one of my enrichment programs. She shared parts of her journey and I love that she didn't just include the highlight reel, she shared some of her failures and lessons learned. This is important because far too often we only share the highs, neglecting the blessing of the lows and completely missing the fact that our lows can transform the lives of others.

A few jewels from last night's session are below:

1. When it's time to tell your story, don't just share the highlight reel. Be transparent, discuss the failures and the times you had to repeat the 'test'.

2. Even in times of transition, make sure you get all that God has for you in that space and be sure to give to others during that time as well; It's not just about you!

3. Don't worry about those that contributed negatively to your journey. Thank them for the material and testimony! "You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better." - Anne Lamott