...Well how long do they last?

Last night I lead part one of a four part series I created for women in transition. If we're honest, we're all experiencing some type of transition and whether that's good or bad is a matter of perspective.

During the session, as we shared some of our obstacles and worked together to map out plans to overcome them, one of the ladies referenced the adage, "Trouble don't last always" to which another replied asking, "Well how long do they last?".  We all laughed but I offered that they likely last until our perspectives change. We get to choose our posture and disposition on our circumstances. We get to decide how we will respond in times of 'trouble'. 

As I shared with the ladies last night, transition and stillness should go hand and hand. As you move forward (even when it feels like a step backwards), don't miss those opportunities to be still, listen, reflect, and regroup.

Check your perspective, readjust it. It's not about how long the trouble will last, the beauty is knowing that you will outlast the trouble!

P.S. I won the battle against cradle cap! I'm one bad mama! More on that here!