Break away from all connections that will taint your witness and ability to fully rely and operate in Him.
— LeslieMMichelle

This month’s Purpose Driven Woman is Leslie M. Michelle. She is a mom, a good fearing woman, and the ministry leader of Singles Living With Purpose (SLWP) which is a Christian ministry committed to pushing singles into their purpose and holding them accountable to a lifestyle of abstinence, through dynamic teachings, spiritual development activities, social events and service opportunities. SLWP programming gives singles the opportunity to find their purpose, uncover their true identity, grow in their relationship with God and maximize their potential.
What was the path that led you to launching Singles Living With Purpose (SLWP)?
Being a Christian Single myself, I wanted to do right and I have always heard if you want to see a change; be the change you want to see. So, I knew that the Christian community needed a rooted ministry in the DMV that stood firmly in a real belief. I never thought it would be me or SLWP, but I was sure it needed to be done. I must say that my life path led me to launch SLWP; the fact is, I know what we as singles need and having the faith to walk firmly in the calling led to the Launch of SLWP this year.

What does your daily relationship with God look like?
Wow, my daily relationship with God is a real father-daughter connection. I laugh, I cry, I plead, I beg [she laughs]. He’s my daddy. I ask for advice, covering, and I rely on him to provide and protect me in all areas of my life. I pray often, I fast with greater understanding. I listen better now! I do not rely on man at all! Everything I need, seek, and desire, I put it all on God. I give Him the place of my birth father and in the place of males I used previously to keep me in a state of comfort. I just believe He has me 100. I just believe He has me, I’m fully in love with my Fathers will.

How does it feel to operate in your ‘sweet spot?’
To be honest, I ‘m not there yet! [she laughs] I feel where I am now is a trial spot not even where I can operate fully in my sweet spot. I am getting there though.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I get to operate in my sweet spot and the feeling.

You shared recently that you’ve decided to remain celibate. Can you explain why you made this decision?
Yes, the choice was based off bible principles first, really. I’ve played around with my body long enough, the body that God allowed me to have until my resting day. I just woke up with the reality of this, If my husband saw me where I was, would I one, know it’s him, two, am I ready, and three, would he want me? Asking these tough questions, I pulled back and looked over my life, the path and where I wanted to be. along with the desires I held deep in my heart, and they did not match my then lifestyle. I was tainted with too many other people in me that I could not live, think, operate, or even breathe like God planned for me to. I wanted the full anointing, and understanding of God. I wanted to experience God.  I wanted to be in tune with His power like for real, not the watered-down experience. So, I knew I needed to CLOSE MY LEGS. Close the place of myself that has so much power so that God could show me fully how to use the power the correct way which would be in marriage. I wanted to, more importantly, kill family curses of teen pregnancy and filling voids with wrong people and false love in my home.  Being the only constant person in the home of my children, I was the only one to demonstrate the plan of living a Godly life fully. The gist of it is to respect Jesus, my children, my future husband, and myself. The decision was a must, a no brainer.

What has surprised you the most about this journey?
[She laughs] I am in the beginning stages of leadership fully in the Ministry, but I am well aware of the pros, cons, reality, and false perceptions that take place in Ministry. So with that, nothing surprises me –  not yet at least! I trust God fully and I am aware that things will come and why they must. So I stay in tune with the voice of God and His strict guidelines for my journey. I just remain humble and in a state of learning. But what I do know [she laughs], I rest in with confidence. I embrace the journey for my life. If anything, I am surprised Jesus still loves me without condemnation and allows me to operate on this journey while trusting me to serve his people.

What have you sacrificed?
Oh man, my own way! [she laughs] Seriously! Half of the things I had to sacrifice were due to my own way. I have too much to lose, I realized that in this process too. I have sacrificed time with good friends (my real friends). But grateful I do not have to justify the friendship, they get me and I them! Hanging with extended family at times was a sacrifice. Sleep to get studies done for spiritual growth too, I feel like I have gained more than I really sacrificed. It’s all worth it.

What have you learned about yourself?
A lot. First this is my life calling, totally. Like I was created to be tall, beautiful, powerful, bold, encourage others, while pushing the insecure to a place of confidence in themselves. I have to speak truth regardless of people’s feelings. I have to speak up on right and wrong. But in speaking, I must do so with the skill of hearing from the other person’s perspective and give words of life in a softer (sweeter) way to some and straight to others. I have learned I am not going to move everyone. Not all want to hear what I say nor will they want my advice or even care of my gifting. I’m cool with that! I have also learned to put my emotions and the sacred me in a safe place. Meaning everybody cannot handle me in all areas of who I am, the minister, model, leader, or mom, period. I have learned that enemies are more dangerous as friends and family than family and friends as the enemy.

How do you feel about your journey and what lies ahead?
I have pulled back because I want to remain real, yet give so much of me. But I know good balance is needed to remain a healthier me. I am excited about my journey, yet calm and humbled to be where I am in order to walk the journey to the fullest. I am ready to live in this fully, no turning back!

What’s next for you?
Oh my book, I have settled to start writing and create an affirmation for singles to live by. Both men and women. Lots of work to be done in this stage.  But it’s all worth it. As for SLWP- events, study sessions, connecting with like-minded Christian singles to get take back our community of unity and God’s love. We will have fun times too. I’ll keep you all posted.

For LeslieMMichelle, more growth, peace and excitement.

What advice would you give to others?
Wow, really simple! Do what God tells us to do! For whatever area He has shown you to operate in, do it! Believe in the word God gave you and go! Get it done. Stay in Gods will, plan for your life. It will pay off! I am so sure of it. Break away from all connections that will taint your witness and ability to fully rely and operate in Him.

Be rooted in God’s word not man! Give man no power (respect man) but only give power to God.

Pray, fast, believe, work, move and smile.