This month’s Purpose Driven Woman is LizRoy. She is the God fearing woman behind Downtown Demure, a fashion blog dedicated to faith and fashion. Per Elizabeth, it started out as modest fashion blog written from the perspective of a party-girl-turned-devout-Christian out to prove that women can dress modestly and stylishly; but I can tell you that it has become so much more. It is an act of faith, an example of obedience, and an inspiration to all women trying to follow Christ.

What is the mission of Downtown Demure?

The mission of Downtown Demure is two-fold: I want to encourage Christian women to embrace their faith, be modest in action and dress, and I want to change the perception of modest dress as “frumpy” to non-Christians in order to encourage them to embrace modest dress as well.


You’ve shared that your blog was written from the perspective of a party-girl-turned-devout-Christian. What inspired the desire to walk away from the “party girl” lifestyle? What was the path? 

This is very long story, so here is the abridged version: After years of partying and a very worldly lifestyle, I realized how empty and vain it is to live a life without purpose beyond living for the “moment” or my own selfish desires. After studying scripture intensely, I realized that my purpose can only be found in Christ as a redeemed sinner saved and renewed by his blood (Romans 5:8-9).


What thoughts came to mind when you decided to start blogging about dressing modestly and sharing your faith at the same time? Were you afraid of the response to your stance? How did you overcome it?

I didn’t even realize modest dress was a thing until I read 1 Timothy 2:9. Upon reading that scripture I realized I had to dress in a way that reflected my status as a child of God and disciple of Christ – or, more plainly: I had to dress in a way that was honorable to myself and God. I didn’t have many clothes that could be considered modest at the time, so I googled “modest fashion” to find some inspiration. I didn’t find many blogs that reflected my personal style and beliefs about biblical modesty, so I started my own blog to explore the concept of modesty and encourage modern women who want to dress attractively yet modestly.


Why do you believe it’s so important for women to be conscious of what we wear?

I believe dressing modestly reflects love for ourselves, God and others. In dressing demurely we: 1) honor God and his wishes for us to dress modestly and respectably (1 Timothy 2:9, 2 Peter 3:3-4), 2) preserve the honor God bestowed upon as creations in his own image, and 3) Help guard our brothers and sisters from temptation that may result from provocative and flashy dress.


How do you decide what’s appropriate for you to wear?

My standards for modest dress have changed over the years. When I first became a Christian, I adopted very strict standards for dress: nothing above knee length, collar bones covered, etc. However, I couldn’t find evidence in scripture for those particular rules. So now I just use my best judgment and stick to the following simple rules: Nothing tight, nothing short, nothing too low cut, and nothing that shows an excessive amount of skin that can be considered tempting to others. I don’t judge anyone who has come to a different standard for modest dress.


What has surprised you the most about this journey?

The most unnerving realization I’ve come to is that it’s easy to talk about modesty and even dress modestly with an immodest heart. Taming pride and immodesty in my heart is a constant struggle as a fashion blogger because I am my brand. Growing my blog with a humble heart can be difficult at times. So I pray often for God to guide my steps and be at the center of my blogging efforts lest it become all about me, me, me. I even wrote about this topic here: http://downtowndemure.com/6-actions-just-immodest-mini-skirts-yoga-pants/.


What have you learned about yourself?

No matter how much success I find in the blogosphere and in social media, I am still a broken sinner who needs Christ at the helm of her life -- always.


What have you sacrificed?

To maintain my faith and standards for modesty, I have sacrificed many friendships, potential relationships, and financial opportunities. Still, that feels a small price to pay to please my savior.


You are inspiring tons of women to think more about what they wear. How does it feel to be used by God this way?  

It still feels strange, to be honest. I am honored that God is using me in this capacity and I LOVE to connect with women seeking to dress modestly. However, I still feel odd and even a bit embarrassed sometimes to be the recipient of so much praise. I just hope the glory ultimately goes to God because He’s the one driving the success of my blog!


Can you share a scripture that is feeding your spirit right now and why?

I’ve been studying Hebrews lately, and these verses have been on my heart for weeks:

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us, having become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 6:19-20)


What advice would you give to women who’ve made a significant change in their life or want to do so, but are afraid to share because of their past and potential judgment from others? (How would you inspire them to share their testimony?)

Just do it. Seriously. Know that whatever sacrifices you make to please God and win souls for Christ will be rewarded in the most important way: through eternal life. Sharing my testimony was very risky, but God has blessed me richly since I made the (terrifying) decision to do so AND many people have told me they were deeply encouraged to read how Christ has transformed me. God can use you to change lives with your testimony and faith.

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No matter how much success I find in the blogosphere and in social media, I am still a broken sinner who needs Christ at the helm of her life — always.
— Liz Roy, Downtown Demure
Know that whatever sacrifices you make to please God and win souls for Christ will be rewarded in the most important way: through eternal life.