A Queen(ie) in Paris!

I’ve always loved to travel and I’ve held off on a few trips since having Queenie. But this summer I decided to head back to Paris with my favorite girl and show her a good time!

Our first stop? Disneyland Paris!  And of course I took the no pressure, laissez fare approach to our day. We enjoyed breakfast in bed, lunch at a quaint café near the Champs Elysees, and then headed to “Queenie’s Palace” AKA Disneyland!

We spent an afternoon at Jardin du Luxemburg. Queenie loved the playground! We took a nap on a bench just south of the pond and practiced our colors and numbers in French as Queenie smelled the flowers.

Versailles was magical! Queenie danced to the sounds of Lully and Charpentier and I as always was astounded by the topiaries.

We enjoyed a picnic at the Eiffel Tour, took a twirl or two or three around the carousel, and Queenie had a major run-in with the birds. She made it clear that she was not a fan of birds on this trip and insisted on shoeing them away. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever!

I have so many favorite moments from our time in Paris, here’s one:


Singing "row-row-row your boat" in #montmartre with my blessing. The location doesn't impact the sentiment. It's a reminder that we can continue do the things we enjoy after having children. I love to travel so revisiting a city I love, with my love, doing the things we love is a treasure. (The folks pictured sang along with us, everyone loves Q! 
A few tips on traveling abroad with a toddler:
1. Parent your way. If you want to go now, go. Ignore anyone concerned with your child's memory. Isn't "mind your business" a commandment?
2. For the plane: Bring snacks, three to five small toys, books, omg and sticker books for the win!!! Lol
3. While visiting: Find colorful and vibrant things to do (parks, gardens, castles, playgrounds, museums, festivals, etc.). We love carousels and parades!
4. Scheduling: Plan around nap time and try to keep your child's "schedule" consistent. This can be difficult depending on the time zone. Be flexible. Be patient.
5. Map out some time for you! This is possible!! Don't skip it. Reserve in-room spa treatments while your little one sleeps, read/journal on the balcony during nap time, just figure it out!!



Dancing, swimming, moving and shaking!

This little girls is growing so fast! It’s amazing to watch although at times I wish she’d slow down. She talking and repeating everything I say (which she finds quite comical). She loves to imitate others, pretends to put on lipstick, cooks in her little kitchen, and roars like a lion when she’s see a dog (we’re working on the bark lol).  She’s learning her numbers and colors too, right now her favorite color to belt out is blue.

We’re still hanging in there with swimming lessons. She started at six months and now at 20 months she’s really comfortable in the water, loves to jump in (with assistance), and thinks it funny to splash mommy!

Oh! She has an affinity for dresses (she got this quite honestly) and this little girl loves to dance! She started ballet lessons a few months ago and really caught on, nailing her pleas, tendus, and releves. She can really move and shake it! Speaking of which, we had a ball at Mickey and Minnie’s Move it shake it dance party a couple of months ago! It’s a must, more on that here.

See below for a few of my new favorite things!

I love this stroller because it’s great for flights and folds nicely and fits neatly in the overhead compartment. It also fits under easily under restaurant tables if you don’t want to leave your stroller with the host.

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat, Shadow 2019
Magna Aftermarket of America Inc- CLEK

When it was time for Queenie to transition to a convertible stroller, I did a lot a research and fell in love with the Clek Foonf.

Sigh, I never thought I’d be one of those parents with a kid on a harness but this has been a life saver. Queenie likes to roam freely and this way she can do so safely!



Queenie and Mickey's Move It! Shake It! Street Party

Yep! We made our way to Disney World a few months ago and we had a ball! I mean a BALL!!! So if you’re considering a trip with your little one who happens to be under the age of two, my advice is to go for it! Some will say it’s too soon because your child won’t remember but who cares! It’s about the experience and doing what makes sense for your family. If it’s best to wait, then wait. But if you can go now and again and again and again for years to come, then go! But don’t dare be ruled by the thoughts of others, their memories, or their coins. :)

Anyway, because Queenie is so young, I took a low maintenance approach to our first visit. We took an afternoon flight down (just before nap time) and she slept a good majority of the flight. I decided to visit the park in the early evening so that we could enjoy the day and night experience of Magic Kingdom.

  1. We arrived at the park around 5pm, check-in was seamless and the crowds were light. I decided to forgo the fast passes (these allow you to skip the ride lines) because I knew that Queenie wouldn’t enjoy the rides just yet and would have more fun walking freely, dancing, and meeting characters. Of course we rode the “It’s a Small World Ride” but we didn’t stand in line at all for that, shoot me a message if you’d like my advice on how to avoid lines altogether with a little one.

  2. We made our way to one of the gift shops to grab ears for me since Queenie received a pair last year for her first birthday. The gift shops do get crowded so my advice is to avoid shopping for gifts upon arrival, focus on the ears, and make your way back for gifts later.

  3. By 5:30pm we were checked in, with our ears, and on the way to the castle!

We danced our way to the castle along with Mickey’s Move It! Shake It! Street Party team and from there the day was more magical than I could have ever imagined.

Queenie loved seeing the characters, dancing to the music, and partying randomly in the streets! And I loved seeing her face light up, watching her point at whatever grabbed her attention for the moment, and hearing her laugh as she danced! It was so exciting and sooooo worth it!

We had dinner at one of the restaurants, the food was pretty good and Queenie took a nap in the restaurant (which was perfect). I was able to rest a bit as she napped as well.

By the time she woke up, it was almost time for the fireworks. I knew we wouldn’t stay through the entire fireworks show so I chose a spot with easy access to the exit. She loved the fireworks and my heart smiled every time she looked at me and pointed to the sky in excitement.

It was a wonderful trip, full of memories that I’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re heading to Disney with your little one or to the grocery store, the experience and opportunity to share with them is such a blessing. I look forward daily to seeing her face light up again and again for years to come!



Queenie is quite intentional...


Queenie is quite intentional...

Intentional? Yup she's intentional when she ignores me, hugs me, chooses her food, and selects items to throw in her purse (that girl loves a purse)! Lol

It amazes me in fact to witness just how intentional this little girl is... For example, when she wants something on the counter that she likely shouldn't have, she'll finagle her way into my arms, butter me up with kisses, and reach behind my back for whatever it is she wants. 

Speaking of wants...she's selective with her food. If she's not feeling vegetables she'll separate them from her pinwheel pasta and protein. Ummm and by separate I mean throw them on the floor. :/ However, mommy is wise and full of clever ways to get those veggies in so not to worry! #mommywins :)

Oh and I'm convinced that no one is better at the art of ignoring folks than toddlers! I can call her name a million times to redirect her and she won't even blink. Trust me, her hearing is intact...she's intentionally ignoring me.


See below for a few of my favorite things...


Queenie loves this purse and so do I! Great learning toy and it speaks Spanish as well! 


I like this because it’s perfect for the winter, I ordered a size up so that it fits right over Q’s clothes for quick in/out of the car moments. It’s not super bulky which is a plus!

These are awesome because the suction is strong! Epic fail when Queenie tries to pull them off of her highchair! #mommywins



Swimming lessons, already?

Yep, Queenie started swimming lessons last month and I thought I was ready but I absolutely was NOT.

We go to the neighborhood pool often and she loves it as much as she loves the last few moments of bath time when I let her splash around in the water, so I knew she would enjoy swimming lessons. What I didn't know is that I'd almost have a heart attack. Am I being dramatic? No! Well, a little.

All was going well in the class (the kicks, the songs, all that jazz) until the instructor says "Okay everyone, it's time to go under." Go under where? Who? I politely reminded him that Queenie is just 10 months and he politely ignored me. ;/

I'm like...I'm sorry, are we training for the Olympics? What in the Simone Manuel is going on here? Queenie is not competing and has her whole life to learn to go under, why start now? - I said none of that aloud.

I get in line with the other parents who are petrified (they had to be and if they weren't, what-ever).

Before I knew it, Queenie was under, back up, and looking at me like "mom, you've really got to relax." Why do I get the sense that this will be the underlying tone of our relationship?