Intentional? Yup she's intentional when she ignores me, hugs me, chooses her food, and selects items to throw in her purse (that girl loves a purse)! Lol

It amazes me in fact to witness just how intentional this little girl is... For example, when she wants something on the counter that she likely shouldn't have, she'll finagle her way into my arms, butter me up with kisses, and reach behind my back for whatever it is she wants. 

Speaking of wants...she's selective with her food. If she's not feeling vegetables she'll separate them from her pinwheel pasta and protein. Ummm and by separate I mean throw them on the floor. :/ However, mommy is wise and full of clever ways to get those veggies in so not to worry! #mommywins :)

Oh and I'm convinced that no one is better at the art of ignoring folks than toddlers! I can call her name a million times to redirect her and she won't even blink. Trust me, her hearing is intact...she's intentionally ignoring me.


See below for a few of my favorite things...


Queenie loves this purse and so do I! Great learning toy and it speaks Spanish as well! 


I like this because it’s perfect for the winter, I ordered a size up so that it fits right over Q’s clothes for quick in/out of the car moments. It’s not super bulky which is a plus!

These are awesome because the suction is strong! Epic fail when Queenie tries to pull them off of her highchair! #mommywins