Yep, Queenie started swimming lessons last month and I thought I was ready but I absolutely was NOT.

We go to the neighborhood pool often and she loves it as much as she loves the last few moments of bath time when I let her splash around in the water, so I knew she would enjoy swimming lessons. What I didn't know is that I'd almost have a heart attack. Am I being dramatic? No! Well, a little.

All was going well in the class (the kicks, the songs, all that jazz) until the instructor says "Okay everyone, it's time to go under." Go under where? Who? I politely reminded him that Queenie is just 10 months and he politely ignored me. ;/

I'm like...I'm sorry, are we training for the Olympics? What in the Simone Manuel is going on here? Queenie is not competing and has her whole life to learn to go under, why start now? - I said none of that aloud.

I get in line with the other parents who are petrified (they had to be and if they weren't, what-ever).

Before I knew it, Queenie was under, back up, and looking at me like "mom, you've really got to relax." Why do I get the sense that this will be the underlying tone of our relationship?