Ugh! Where in the world did this mess, c-cap come from? I'm hence forth referring to it as c-cap because I refuse to give it any power! As if it

I thought sure Little Miss Queenie and I had escaped c-cap since we were approaching seven weeks and there were no signs of the critter. Ugh but at a little over eight weeks it reared its ugly head! 

Of course I mentioned it to her doctor who thought it was a mild case. Umm mild? Did she need a new pair of glasses to go with that stethoscope?? My baby's head looked like sand paper! And I'm a new mom!! Nothing is mild, it's the end of the world and my baby's scalp is doomed forever. I kid, I'm not that bad but mild or not, c-cap was on notice and had to go!

The doctor prescribed a shampoo that I had no intention of using... I mean, I'm a new aged all natural mom - no harsh chemicals for my baby and I don't know what's really in that shampoo.  Well umm, when my natural baby shampoo didn't cut it, I'm sad to say that I quickly grew impatient and flipped the script. I didn't care what was in that shampoo, c-cap had to go! So I tried it, I promise I only used a small amount and it worked...for a few days. Ugh! 

At my wits end, I reached back out to Latham Thomas (if you don't know her, get hip mommy!). She and I had already been chatting via direct message(dm) on social media about baby acne so at this point we were distant cousins and Little Miss Queenie was just as important to her as little Asahd(DJ Khalad's son), so I slid right back in her dm and asked her how to get rid of c-cap once and for all!! She responded within a few hours and here's the remedy below:

Organic coconut oil!!!!!

I soiled my baby's scalp with mounds of organic coconut oil. Listen to me, if your child's head looks like that of a member of the soul glow family (if you don't catch that reference, we can't be friends lol), you almost have enough. Add a few dollops more and you're in it to win it! Now let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes, and lightly massage your baby's head every ten minutes or so to loosen the flakes. 

This is not bath time, this is war against c-cap time! Don't confuse the two. Focus!

I didn't put Queenie in her bathtub for this one. Instead, I brought her changing pad into the bathroom and sat it sideways on the sink so that I could lean her back comfortably (the way it's done when we get our hair washed at the salon). I then used her baby comb to part each section of her hair and used  her baby brush to lift the c-cap. Please be gentle, my hand was light as a feather and Queenie fell asleep during the process. You don't need to scratch the scalp, if you use enough coconut oil and let it sit, the flakes will soften and lift easily. 

I rinsed her hair with Ashleigh P's line (if you don't know her, please get hip!). Her product line is free of parabens, sulftates, and sodium chloride and while it's not listed as tear free, paying attention is enough to avoid any hiccups. 

It took about 45 minutes to section and lift off all of the c-cap but it was worth it and it's gone!!!

Mommy wins!

Oh and here are a few of my favorite things for this week!

I love this changing pad! It's soft, portable, wipeable, and the design allows you to use it right at the sink to easily wash your baby's hair (just reverse the pad- bottom half faces the sink). No more cradle cap!!