It happened! Yep, Little Miss Queenie smiled at me about a week or so ago and I've done every thing in my power since that blessed moment to get her to do it over and over again.

Seriously! I made a complete monkey of myself - making all types of noises, jumping up and down, twerking (haha), playing peak a boo, singing (terribly might I add), you name it, I've done it! I even threw in the Macarena (don't judge, this actually earned me a smirk - she probably had gas but whatever). Sigh! None of that worked and I'm convinced that although she consistently gave me a blank stare, she was actually quite amused by my behavior - or figured I was a complete idiot, likely the latter.

Ahhh but alas, I discovered the mystical way to that angelic smile full of gums and grace!

"Good Morning Mommie's Girl". Yep! I don't know if it's the way my lips curl when I udder those words but they get her every time. Winning!!!!

I wonder how much longer I have before she realizes that morning doesn't actually last all day... Oh well, mommy wins. 

Oh and here are a few of my favorite things for this week!

Omg! I love these! I have the Medela Freestyle, which I love but these flanges are the absolute best! They are much more comfortable and I can easily pump on the highest setting!