I was asked recently if I thought that my life was now complete (since having a baby)... I'm sorry, huh? I don't believe that children are meant to complete you, that's a task far too great for one so small. In fact, only God can complete us and it's best that we try our hardest to be whole in HIM before even bringing children into the world. So no, she doesn't complete me but she certainly adds to an already purpose filled life and yes, there's a greater sense of purpose now that she is here but complete me she does not. I was made whole in Christ (flaws and all) well before she arrived.

And no, I'm not focused on that magical "balance" thing. We're not called to be Super Mom or Super Woman. I've remained focused on being a good steward of all that has been given to me (family, finances, freedom, etc.).  I'm looking forward to growing and being stretched in new ways, opportunities to serve, and being the best mom to Little Miss Queenie that I can be... Read More.