Actually, she's almost seven months. Sigh, where is the time going?

What's new? Hmmm She's rolling over, sitting up, talking back, laughing, being silly, and pulling mommy's hair [she gets a kick out of this]. She knows her name too and will ignore you if she doesn't want to be bothered.

Latest culprit?

Well, as you may recall, I got rid of C-cap! But now I'm working on evicting the drool rash! I stand by coconut oil so I'm lathering her up a few times a day and it seems to be working.

Favorite Moments-

I'm seriously cherishing every moment so it's hard to denote favorites but I absolutely love our night time reading sessions. I've been reading to Queenie since she was in the womb and that time together is so precious. She hangs on every word, well when she's not trying to take the book or turn the pages. She typically gives me a nudge (taps the book) when she's ready to go to the next page and even fusses if I turn a page too quickly, it's the cutest thing ever!

She's a lot more mobile now so here are a few of my favorite things for play time!




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