Today was everything! And by everything I mean yayyyy, ugh, rain, blower, where are my flanges?, rain ugh, omg, yayyyy, happy tears! LOL

I woke up, cuddled and nursed baby girl, packed my mommy bag, kissed baby girl and headed out to volunteer at The Momference. I was a little late, thanks to the liquid sunshine but 'on time' nonetheless as I arrived safe and sound. 

We're about mid way through the conference and it's time to pump. No problem, the ladies of District Mother Hued have all bases covered and there's a nursing room! There's just one problem, I forgot my flanges. Major blower!

As engorgement sets in, I wait for my car and head back home in-the-RAIN, annoyed with myself for not double checking my bag. I get back home, thank Auntie K for hanging out with Queenie, and sit on the floor with baby girl to begin our time of play, nursing, and napping.

Queenie has other plans and sets her eyes on the latest toy from Auntie M which is a few feet away. She gets in position to crawl (she's been doing this off and on but usually changes her mind), I grab my phone anyway and start recording. My heart starts beating as she begins to crawl, one knee after the other as my eyes fill with tears. My baby girl is crawling! God's timing is perfect!!!!

So yes, I left the conference early and annoyed because I couldn't finish volunteering but I was right on time to see my baby girl crawl. Perfect timing indeed!


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