My baby is trying purees! Purees! Where is the time going? Why is it moving so quickly? She was just born yesterday and now she's leaping forward for more pureed apples, grabbing the spoon, and trying to feed her nose with it? What in the world? How in the world?

The mommy tribe warned me that the time would fly but I wasn't expecting this... I'll blink and she will be in kindergarten and here come the tears. Let's not discuss kindergarten please or heading back to the office, or leaving her for more than a few hours, for that matter.

Ugh anyway...purees. She's loving applesauce and I'm loving my Beaba! Yes, I love my baby but you read that right, Beaba! It makes pureeing a synch and has me wanting to puree everything! I can't wait for the exciting baby food combinations!

Oh and here are a few of my favorite things for this week!

Queenie isn't really feeling the Bumbo seat much but she'll sit in this chair for a while and it's what I use when trying out purees and it's helping to keep her off her back when she's not feeling tummy time.

These are perfect for storing and freezing baby food, especially since Queenie isn't eating more than a spoonful or so right now...