Queenie’s moving and shaking…

Literally, this girl is all over the place and in to everything and I love it. She’s quite fearless, full of personality, and super funny. She’s able to communicate what she wants, doesn’t like, etc. She’s such an amazing little human!

Ooooh and she’s saying hi, bye-bye, and MA-MA!!! Yep, MA-MA! Music to my ears!

We went on our first vacation last weekend and she was such a big girl on the plane. She enjoyed looking out the window and waving at other passengers. I think she enjoyed the beach but wasn’t quite sure what to do with the sand since I wouldn’t let her eat it; but she thoroughly enjoyed the pool!

We’ve moved past purees for the most part and she’s all about chicken, mashed potatoes, and string beans except when she isn’t about any of the above and refuses to eat. ;/

She’s really making waves and I’m here for it!


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