Soooo Queenie can't stand pullover onesies. I've know this for a while now and every time I put her in one, she looks at me like "so this is what you pulled me outta the womb for?" I've gotten used to it though and I'm prepared for each reprimand. 

What I wasn't ready for was the major side-eye I was given when I unzipped her winter carseat cover the other day. Let me start from the beginning...

Queenie was asked to play baby Jesus in a play this past weekend. Yup, her breakout role and it was Oscar worthy! She laughed and cooed and Mary and Joseph, broke out of the swaddle, burped while on stage, and made her presence known by talking throughout the opening scene. Told ya, Oscar worthy!

Anyway, winter came early in the DMV and we actually had a bit of snow. No fret, this new mom is totally prepared for old man winter. No bulky, unsafe, snow suits for us! Yep, I read those articles about how unsafe they are, virtually separating children from the carseat and failing all crash test. I invested in a winter carseat cover which I thought was a great idea. 

Queenie didn't think so. 

The carseat cover is pretty much a vegan shearling snow suit/sandwich for the carseat that covers your baby's face(which is where we have the issue). 

I put Queenie in the carseat and pulled the cover over her face, she went HAM! But it was cold and it was only for a few moments so I knew she'd be fine. Well yeah, she was fine but when I pulled that cover down she gave me the-meanest-sideye-EVER! I could hear her saying "Can you not do anything right, seriously?" ;/ I had to turn my head in shame lol, this little girl was reading me as she stared at me for a good two minutes in complete disdain. Sigh.


SN: I ordered the JJ Cole Bundle Me below and I actually cut out out the middle to make sure that nothing extra is separating her from the carseat.

Oh and here are a few of my favorite things for this week!

Queenie doesn't like it, but I love it! It keeps her warm and it's super soft!

I absolutely love this thing and so does Queenie! We have the rainforest friends design!

We love these because they're soft and light. 


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